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What is The Tiny Plant Delivery?

The Tiny Plant Delivery is a Vancouver-based company that started in July 2020. We are a company that believes everyone deserves a little bit of plant-happiness in their lives. We deliver potted plants directly to your door (or for a special someone). Add a Tiny Plant to your own home office or living room...or gift it to a friend, colleague, or plant lover...the options are endless!

How big are the plants?

Our potted plants are the perfect size to accompany any room. Most of our pots are around 5" and can accompany a plant anywhere from 5" to 15" in height.

Are all your plants potted?

Most of our Gifts include a 4" plant in a nursery pot that is placed in a decorative pot. Sometimes we pot plants without the nursery pot, such as our succulents.

How much is shipping & where do you ship to?

We personally deliver in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver & Richmond for $5 flat rate. We use Canada-Post for the rest of B.C with a flate rate of $15.

How do you deliver my new potted plant?

We use as much eco-friendly packaging as possible to deliver your new plant baby to you! We ship our potted plants in a specially designed box to help protect it from damage on the way to its new home. We use kraft paper and cardboard to protect it from injuries.

What if my new plant arrives looking sad?

If your plant arrives looking sad - not to worry! Shipping a plant can be stressful - just imagine being stuck in a dark box for a couple of days! Make sure to water your plant upon arrival and follow the Care Card instructions to make sure your plant thrives in the perfect location in your home. Your plant should look marvelous in a day or two.

What if my pot or plant is damaged during shipment?

If your plant or pot do not meet your expectations due to damange during shipment, please e-mail us and we will make it right.

How do I take care of my new plant?

Just follow the hand-written Card Card instructions specifically designed for your plant & pot bundle. If you have any further questions, just e-mail us!

How do I personalize my purchase as a gift?

Before adding the Plant & Pot Gift to your cart, you will be given the options to write a personal message, as well as choose if the gift you are purchasing is for an office.

Who can I gift a plant to?

The options are endless. Gift a plant to... A Friend, a work colleague, a plant-enthusiast, a plant newbie, your mom or dad, your partner or someone celebrating their birthday or graduation!

What are your COVID safety measures?

We sanitize our hands before shipment and if we deliver your boxed plant & pot, we leave it at your door for zero-contact delivery.

How Does West-End pick up work?

If you live in Vancouver and you are able to pick up in the West-End - choose this option for FREE and we will e-mail you so we can make arrangements to meet up. The pick up point is near Nelson Park in the corner of Comox and Bute st.

Can I gift an office friendly plant?

YES! You can turn any gift into an office-friendly gift by choosing the Low Light option on any of our gifts.

When Do You Deliver/Ship?

We deliver in Vancouver area on Monday's, Tuesday's or Wednesday's. Richmond on Thursday's. North Van/West Van on Friday's. Rest of B.C we ship with Canada Post on Monday's - so it doesn't get stuck over the weekend.

What kind of plant does the gift come with?

All our gifts come with a randomized selection of a 4" Tropical plant. We do take in consideration the colour and design of the pot when selecting our plant. Some plants we use include pothos, hoyas, peperomias, calatheas, philodendrons, succulents (if specified), mini monsteras and chinese evergreens.


1235 Comox St

Vancouver, BC V6E 1K6

Email:  info@tinyplantdelivery.com


We personally deliver in the Vancouver-area! 


Please allow 3-5 days for delivery in B.C 



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