This cement Barn House pot adds a bit of rustic coziness to any room. The gift is paired with a 4" tropical plant. 

Tropical Plant (4") In Barnhouse Pot

Do You Need a Pet-Friendly Plant?
Do You Want A Beginner Friendly Plant?
Is This An Office Plant (Low Light)?
  • All our gifts come with a randomized selection of a 4" Tropical plant. We do take in consideration the colour and design of the pot when selecting our plant. Some plants we use include pothos, hoyas, peperomias, calatheas, philodendrons, succulents (if specified), mini monsteras and chinese evergreens.

    Choose YES under the office-friendly option if you want a Low-light tolerable plant. 

    Choose YES under the Plant-beginner option if you want a super easy plant to take care of like a pothos or trailing philodendron. 


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